Pinsapo gold mining and exploration

Alexander Kritsky, Spain

Business Development Manager, an expert in handling multi-million projects with 20 years of international experience

Alex Levitsky, Canada

General Manager, an explorationist with 25 years of international experience (Kenya, Zambia, Mali, Niger, Burundi, Russia, Canada, etc.

Brigitte Tiendrebeogo,
Burkina Faso

Country Manager, with legal background and 5 years of managerial and administrative experience

Konstantin Cherny, Russia

Mining Engineer, an expert in ore extraction and processing with 15 years of experience, including construction and operation of medium and large mines and ore processing plants

Ilya Evtushenko, Ukraine

Mining Engineer, an expert in ore processing with 12 years of experience, including heap leaching for gold and copper

Abdoulaye Ouedraogo,
Burkina Faso

PR and GR Manager, with background in Mineral Exploration and more than 25 years of technical and managerial experience in Burkina Faso