Pinsapo gold mining and exploration

Pinsapo Gold is a dynamic, well funded company that draws from considerable funds of its parent group, as well as from skills and experience of its personnel. Our approach combines cutting-edge geo-technology with deep understanding of local mining tradition. It can be summarized as follows:
  • Fast, inexpensive property evaluation with the use of satellite imagery, airborne geophysics, and modern structural analysis
  • Precise resource estimates based on ground geophysics, geochemistry, and strategically positioned drilling
  • Creative mining strategies, including combination of traditional local techniques and the latest developments in the worldwide mining research
  • Strict adherence to environmental safety norms and local legal procedures
  • Respectful, mutually profitable relations with the community
  • Flexible conditions for partnerships with property owners

The above approach enables us to turn apparently sub-economic properties into highly profitable projects.